Please take a few moments to read the below facts. Bearing all of these facts in mind, why do people still feel the need to buy bottled water when it is destroying our environment and our wallet and you can have the same quality of water, if not better for 500 times cheaper?

Britain consumes 3 billion litres of bottled water a year.

Bottled water is 500 times more expensive than tap water.

For 2007, it is estimated that 13 billion bottles of water were sold and yet only 3 billion were recycled.

Mains water emits 300 times less carbon dioxide in processing than bottled water. One glass of mains water has a carbon footprint of 0.3g of carbon dioxide but a bottle of mineral water has up to 185g


A typical plastic bottle used for mineral water takes 1000 years to bio-degrade.

162g of oil and 7 litres of water are used per plastic bottle and this amounts to the release of 100g of Carbon Dioxide.

Some research has claimed that drinking “a bottle” of water has the same impact on the environment that driving a car for a kilometre does.50% of bottled water contains added minerals and salts. This does not mean it is more “healthy”.

Only 3% of plastic waste is recycled in the UK.

The Eastern Garbage patch in The Great Pacific Ocean is an area 6 times the size of England, where plastic outweighs plankton by 6:1. It is the world’s largest dumpsite.

22 million tons of bottled liquid is transferred from country to country each year.  All this distribution and transporting burns fossil fuels resulting in the release of thousands of tons harmful emissions

Bottled water facts – UK (Source : The Environmental Technology Centre – The University of Nottingham)

Not only will your organisation reduce the overall amount of bottle wastage but also reduce CO2 as a result of vehicle emissions.  Transport is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, and transporting of water adds to that considerably.