There are many reasons why we at aqualeader believe that a WCS is better for your business than relying on bottled water:

Increased Revenue & Value – by supplying your own purified water at source and not buying in bottled water we help provide your business with an additional revenue stream and a swift return on investment.

Never run out – it’s as simple as that!  No need to worry about stock levels or deliveries that don’t turn up.  Your own permanent source situated in your desired location, means you will have purified, chilled still or sparkling water on tap wherever and whenever you require.

Environmentally friendly – with our systems there is no plastic, and our glass bottles are reusable cutting down on the amount of catering waste. As there is no need for regularly stock deliveries, there are zero water miles meaning less CO2 emissions. Furthermore less refrigerated storage space is required as water is dispensed using ‘direct chill’ technology and therefore chilled as it is dispensed.

Catering Credibility – our reusable bottles can be printed with your corporate logo or branding adding to the professional appearance of your hospitality setting and service.

Free up refrigerator space – direct chill technology ensures your bottles are dispensed chilled at the point of dispensing, therefore eliminating the need to store within a refrigerator.

Pre event dispensing – with our system you don’t need to worry about bottling on the morning of an event. Bottles can be stored in a cool dark area for 3-4 days prior enabling you to be more efficient on the day.  We supply all sites with enough bottles to enable them to pre bottle and store if required. Storage crates are available at a small cost if you need them.

5 – Stage Filtering for superior tasting water - American patented high-tech, catering grade filter effectively removes heavy metal, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, controls bacteria and scale. Large capacity75 tons (20,000 gallons); equivalent to 4,000 barrels of bottled water.